Chii selece tsubasa
Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Relations Fay D. Flourite (Creator, Celes)
Residence Celes
Fort City Bit
Powers Interdimensional Telepathy (Celes)
Use of Magic (Fort City Bit)
Gender Female
First Appearance
Ch.002 - The Price of Memory
First Appearance
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Episode 1 - "Destinies Converge"
Last Appearance
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Episode 32 - A Date with the Magician"
Seiyuu Kaori Nazuka
English Kira Vincent-Davis

Chii (ちぃ, Chii) is a crossover character from Chobits. Her name in that series is Chi rather than Chii.


Chii is a petite woman, who according to King Ashura, was modeled after Fay's mother. Her blonde long hair is almost as long as she is tall. She wears a very simple plain dress, bare feet, without any extravagant ornaments, and usually also wears a white-blue coat worn by many of Celes's inhabitants. Her main characteristic is her ears, which are very long and furry, similar to a dog's or a rabbit's (unlike Chobits's Chii, whose ears are strange too, but are, like from all the Persocoms, more mechanical looking).


Chii, like her counterpart from Chobits, is an artificial being, created using one of Sakura's Feathers. According to King Ashura, Fay created her after the image of his mother to guard the underwater tomb of his deceased twin brother. She stayed with Fay during all his time in Celes, even when Ashura went berserk. After he was sealed, Fay asked her to look after Ashura as she did with his brother's body, since then, she stayed on Celes until the day Ashura awoke, during the Infinty Arc, in which she communicated the awakening of the king to Fay several moments, When Syaoran and the group won the Human Chess Contest, they won an automata robot who looked like her (Fay confused them, though due to her clothing, she resembled more Freya from Chobits, rather than Chii). Due to the interference created by the telepathic messages emitted by Chii and the interdimensional portal created by the automata, Sakura was split in two, her soul was drawn into the Dream World while her soulless body was taken to Celes. Since Chii returned the Feather (who was the reason of her existence) to Sakura, she vanished in her arms, just before Fay went berserk product of the curse Fei Wong Reed has put on him.

From other Worlds

Chiisama fortcitybit

Queen Chii of Fort City Bit

Chii appeared in other world known as Fort City Bit, in which there was a never-ending night. In this country, the king and the queen are chosen by the people, and the king Toya was replaced by Chii whose memories were erased by the guardian spirits of the king, Sumomo and Hotoko, so she doesn't corrupt. They wanted Fay to convince her to become the Queen and that he stay to be the King, as he regretted, the entire group was jailed. After they escaped, Fay meets Chii and shoks due to the similarity between her and the Chii of her country. She wanted to escape from the castle, and Fay offer so, and using her powers, the flee. Fay visit the city with Chii, teaching her words, phrases and habits, due to this, she starts to develop feeling for him, and this leads her to want to never separate from Fay. Since she couldn't convince him to stay, Chii decides to travel with him. At the gates of the city, Fay tell her that the chosen ruler would not survive outside the city (Toya has previously explained this) and convinced her to stay from the sake of the country. As she accepts, the sun rose again in Fort City Bit.

Relationship with Fay

Fay and Chii

Chii and Fay

As her creator, Fay is very fond of her; she was created after the image of his mother which enforces their bond. Despite being a creation of his, Fay treats her very kindly, always having her by his side. Chii is very loyal to him, fulfilling his orders to the very end, that is when she realizes that it's time to return the feather that gave her life. Her death seriously affected Fay. In Fort Bit City, Fay's meeting with this world's Chii shocked him strongly, quickly developing an affection towards her, to the point of escaping with her from the castle and, since she had no memory at all, he patiently taught her. At the end, Chii had also developed feelings for Fay, wanting to travel with him; ignoring the fact that she would die if she abandoned the city. Fay, who was previously informed of this problem by Toya, convinced her to stay, for her own sake and for the sake of the people.


Since she was created using a Sakura Feather, Chii has mysterious powers; though just one is shown, the power of communicating with Fay telepathically, no matter in which world he is. Besides, due to these messages, Sakura's body, that was using the prize won in Human Chess Tournament to travel herself, was separated from her mind and drawn into Celes, meaning that Chii's powers are powerful enough to do so. But the source of her powers is also the core of her excistence, when she handed the feather to Sakura, she vanished completly. Chii from Fort Bit City posesses magical abilities too, since a ruler needed to be a strong magician, but as she had no memories at all, her powers activated instinctically. She used them to escape from the castle to the city. Also there is a curse put on each sovereign of that place to avoid them from escaping, and their memories are erased so they can be pure hearted and rule rightly; even though they maybe powerful, this conditions cannot be broken. With Chii's acceptance as the queen, she was able to bring the day to the never ending night of Fort Bit City.


  • Despite the many similarities between Chii from Chobits and Chii from Celes, there is a very significant physical difference: their ears. The Chii created by Fay had organic-looking ears, similar to those of a dog or rabbit, unlike the Chii in Chobits', whose ears are mechanical. Despite both being artificial, Celes's Chii's memory was not erased; but Fort Bit City's Chii was, and Fay re-teaching her the things of the world, and how to behave, reflect the relationship between Hideki and Chii in the original series