This article lists media information for the CLAMP anime series Cardcaptor Sakura, originally broadcast by NHK in 1998. The series has since been adapted into multiple languages; a majority of those adaptations are described below. Opening themes and a list of Japanese episode directors are also provided.

Theme songs



  • Cardcaptors Theme Song
  • Insert songs
    • Just Around the Corner - Emilie Barlow
    • Ordinary Girl - Superhum
    • Guardian Of the Cards - Tempest featuring Rikki Rumball

Albums and original soundtracks

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The original version was broadcast in Japan from April 7, 1998 to March 21, 2000. It was rerun on April 10 2004 on NHK Educational TV. The series was also aired across Japan by the anime satellite television network, Animax, who later broadcast the series across its respective networks worldwide.


The English version (Cardcaptors) was done in 2 versions. Nelvana dubbed all 70 episodes (certain episodes were omitted from broadcast in the US, and then shown later in the UK).

Cardcaptors Titles Blu-Ray English

Cardcaptors Titles Blu-Ray English

Cardcaptors Titles Blu-Ray English Season 1

CardCaptors Titles Season 2 Blu-ray HD

CardCaptors Titles Season 2 Blu-ray HD

CardCaptors Titles Season 2 Blu-ray HD

As a result, the US episode layout was oriented on the action packed episodes with Sakura and Li, while other English versions featured all the episodes in the same order as in CCS. The only major change in the English dub was the non-heterosexual scenes, names of characters, and various other scenes.

The UK and Canadian version also had the first 2 seasons merged together to form one whole season. This meant the first season was based on the Clow Cards and the second season on the transformation into Star Cards. The opening song for the first and second seasons is the same, though the animation scenes were changed to reflect the events of the season. Additionally, there is a basic title screen used for the episodes that composed of the first. The title screen used in episodes of the 2nd season (with images of Sakura, Li, and Eli) was also used for the episodes that were cut from the American version, but aired in the Canada, the UK, and Australian versions.

CC started to air in America on June 17, 2000 on Kids' WB!, but ended on December 14 2001. It also aired on Cartoon Network USA in June 2001 (only the first season was shown). In Canada it was broadcast on Teletoon in both English and French.

The other English episode layout was broadcast to the rest of the English-speaking commonwealth and related countries. In the UK itself, it was broadcast on Nickelodeon and CITV in 2001. In Australia it was broadcast on Cartoon Network. In Ireland it was broadcast on RTÉ Network 2 (now RTÉ Two). In Indonesia it was broadcast on RCTI. In New Zealand it was broadcast on TV3's Sticky TV and Cartoon Network. In India it is broadcast on Cartoon Network.

Ironically, The US episode layout of Cardcaptors was broadcast on GMTV2 in late July/early August 2005 with Sky's synopsis of the series using the Japanese name for Tomoyo. The series is now running an apparently random mix of the Clow Card and Star Card arcs, however the first opening is always used regardless of series.

Geneon Entertainment later released the entire unedited series to DVD with the original Japanese audio tracks and subtitles.[1].

Animax translation

The anime television network, Animax, aired an uncensored English translation of the Cardcaptor Sakura series, entitled Cardcaptor Sakura, featuring their own English dubbing team, and staying faithful to the original, retaining all of the original names and dialogue, for broadcast across its English-language networks in Southeast Asia[2][3] and South Asia.[4][5]


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