Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack 4
By Takayuki Negishi
Released 23 March 2000

Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack 4 is the fourth original soundtrack album to the anime television series adaptation of CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura. It was released in Japan on March 23 2000. It contains the background music from the animation as well as the numerous theme songs for the series.

Track Listing

  1. プラチナ "Purachina/ Platinum" - by Maaya Sakamoto
  2. クロウ・リードのテーマ - "Clow Reed no Theme/ Clow Reed's Theme"
  3. 星のちから - "Hoshi no Chikara/ The Power of the Stars"
  4. エリオルのテーマ - "Eriol no Theme/ Eriol's Theme"
  5. 奈久留のテーマ - "Nakuru no Theme/ Nakuru's Theme"
  6. クロウ・リードの影 - "Clow Reed no Kage/ Clow Reed's Shadow"
  7. もう1人のエリオル - "Mou Hitori no Eriol/ Another Eriol"
  8. 小心な侵入者 - "Shoushin na Shinnyuusha/ Very Timid Intruder"
  9. 恋心 - "Koigokoro/ Love"
  10. 足どり軽く - "Ashidori Karuku/ Walk Quietly "
  11. FRUITS CANDY - by Megumi Kojima
  12. MOJIMOJI - "モジモジ/ Fidget"
  13. 星の道の告白 - "Hoshi no Michi no Kokuhaku/ A Star-Trail Confession"
  14. ハートブレイク - "Heartbreak"
  15. それぞれの想い - "Sorezore no Omoi/ Each of My Feelings"
  16. 「好き」って何だろう - "“Suki” tte Nandarou/ What does "Love" Mean"
  17. くれゆくひととせ - "Kureyuku Hitotose/ The Year's EndingEndng" by Junko Iwao
  18. 正体 - "Shoutai/ True Colors"
  19. 遠い日の別れ - "Tooi Hi no Wakare/ Farewell From Long-Ago"
  20. 永遠の闇 - "Eien no Yami/ Eternal Darkness"
  21. 最後の試練 - "Saigo no Shiren/ The Last Ordeal"
  22. 絶対だいじょうぶ - "Zettai Daijoubu/ Absolutely Okay"
  23. 新しい主 - "Atarashii Aruji/ New Main"
  24. ほんとうの一番 - "Hontou no Ichiban/ Most of the Truth"
  25. ひとつだけ - "Hitotsu Dake/ Only One Thing" by Sakura Tange

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