Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack 3
CCS - Original Soundtrack 3
By Takayuki Negishi
Released June 23 1999

Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack 3 is the third original soundtrack album to the anime television series adaptation of CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura. It was released in Japan on June 23 1999. It contains the background music from the animation as well as the numerous theme songs for the series.

Track Listing

  1. 扉をあけて - "Tobira o Akete/ Open the Door" by ANZA
  2. クロウ・リードの伝説 - "Clow Reed no Densetsu/ The Legend of Clow Reed"
  3. 反撃開始 - "Hangeki Kaishi/ Start Fighting Back"
  4. 忍び寄る影 - "Shinobi Yoru Kage/ Creeping Shadows"
  5. 強敵出現 - "Kyouteki Shutsugen/ Formidable Appearance"
  6. 苦戦 - "Kusen/ Uphill Battle"
  7. 夜の歌 - "Yoru no Uta/ Song of the Night"
  8. Honey (Sakura Ver.) - by Sakura Tange
  9. がんばれさくら - "Ganbare Sakura/ You Can Do It Sakura"
  10. もう一人の守護者 - "Mou Hitori no Shugosha/ Another Person's Guardian"
  11. 封印の獣ケルベロス - "Fuuin no Kemono Kerberos/ Beast of the Seal Keroberos"
  12. 友へ - "Tomo e/ To a Friend" by Junko Iwao
  13. 最後のカード - "Saigo no Card/ The Last Card"
  14. 最後の審判 - "Saigo no Shinpan/ The Final Judgment"
  15. 思い出が消えちゃう - "Omoide ga Kiechau/ Disappearing Memories"
  16. 審判続行 - "Shinpan Zokkou/ Judgment Continues"
  17. カードを継ぐ者 - "Card o Igumono/ Heirs to the Cards"
  18. 「すき」という気持ち - "“Suki” to Iu Kimochi/ "I Like You" Feeling"
  19. Honey - by chihiro

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