In 1998, Card Captor Sakura was dubbed in Greek and aired on STAR Channel. Only 35 episodes were dubbed, much to dissapointment of the viewers, as the show was quite successful. 

The first episode aired on television on 7th April, 1998 whereas the last one aired on 29th December, 1998.

Songs - Music

None of the openings and endings were dubbed in Greek. Although STAR Channel used a verison of the 1st opening without vocals to replace the original Japanese (a usual tactic of the channel), the songs in the episodes were kept in Japanese. Only Tomoyo's songs were (somewhat) dubbed; when Tomoyo sang Yoru No Uta, her Greek VA was just saying "la la la" along with the music. When Sakura was trying to capture the Song card, Tomoyo's Greek VA sang a Greek traditional song which is, by no means, related to the official song of the Japanese version. In this scene, to show that the card was singing along, a kind of echo effect was used.

Voice Acting

The budget was pretty low so only 6 voice actors could be hired to voice all of the characters. However, the voice actors were talented enough to change their voices and make them sound different. Sometimes though, the voices were a bit weird but overall, the result was exceptional taking into account the dubbing quality of other animes at that time. Sometimes there is inconsistency in voice acting so some characters may have had more than one voice actor. Here are the 6 actors:

  • Κατερίνα Γκίργκις (Katerina Girgis): Sakura Kinomoto
  • Μαρία Ζερβού (Maria Zervou): Tomoyo Daidouji, (sometimes) Rika Sasaki, (sometimes) Nadeshiko Kinomoto
  • 'Νέστορας Κοψιδάς (Nestoras Kopsidas): Toya Kinomoto, Syaoran Li, (sometimes) Yoshiyuki Terada'
  • 'Χρυσούλα Παπαδοπούλου (Xrysoula Papadopoulou): Kero, Chiharu Mihara'
  • Γιώργος Χατζηγεωργίου (Giorgos Xatzigeorgiou): Yukito Tsukishiro, (sometimes) Yoshiyuki Terada, Takashi Yamazaki, Fujitaka Kinomoto
  • Μαριάννα Τριανταφυλλίδου (Marianna Triantafyllidou): Kaho Mizuki, all the voices of cards, (sometimes) Rika Sasaki, Naoko Yanagisawa, Meiling Li, 'Maki Matsumoto, 'Sonomi Daidouji, (sometimes) Nadeshiko Kinomoto

Name Changes

For an unknown reason, some names in the series were changed. All the last names were kept the same. Here are the name changes:

  • Sakura - Nicky
  • Tomoyo - Tiffany
  • Toya - Justin
  • Yukito - Mathew
  • Kero - Juki (his real name Keroberos was kept the same)
  • Chiharu - Chelsea
  • Naoko - Nicole

The rest of the names remained the same.

Translation Errors/Script Changes

Generally speaking, the dub was fairly good. However, there were some changes to avoid creating plot holes and sometimes there were some mistakes in translation. 

The first translation mistake was the name of the Fly card. At first, it was translated as "Wings" (which is the closest tranlsation), then was changed to "Fly" but with the meaning of "Rush" (as the word "Fly" can mean either "Fly" like in "Fly in the Sky" or "Fly" like "Rush" in Greek).

There were lots of versions for the release of Sakura's staff power and the card capturing phrase. Most of these verisons were not exact translations but they were about the same.

Toya's grade in school was not translated correctly as he is just in the 2nd grade of Junior High School according to the Greek dub (if that's true, he's only 13 - 14 years old according to the Greek standards).

Since Sakura's name was changed to Nicky, Sonomi telling Sakura that Nadeshiko wanted her daughter to be named after her favourite flower is changed to her telling Sakura that Nadeshiko wanted her daughter to be given the name "Nicky". Still, Sonomi mentions that cherry blossoms (Sakura) were Nadeshiko's favourite flowers.

As the dubbing stopped at episode 35, every single thing about Yue was changed to something else. 


  • It is said among fans that the dubbing stopped due to the romantic relationship between Yukito and Toya in the later episodes.
  • Sakura's gloves had "Sakura" written on them despite the name change.
  • In the first episode, Sakura's dream was shown in Japanese.
  • According to the Greek dub, Sakura is 12 years old and she's in the 6th grade of Elementary School (which is the last grade of Elemantary school in Greece). Her favourite subjects are Physical Education and Music, but she hates Maths. 
  • The Clow Cards were renamed to Evil Cards because of their troublesome powers.

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