Ōto Country is a fictional country, one of the many countries visited by the main characters of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


The group arrives in The Country of Ōto after leaving Foggy World. They are met immediately by the country's Welcoming Committee, four beautiful girls. The girls attach themselves to each of Syaoran and his group. One of the girls notices their "Odd costumes," and says that they must be from another world. Syaoran asks frantically if people from other worlds come here. The girls answer that of course, lots of people come from near and far to enjoy the wonders of Ōto. One of the girls ask if they have registered yet, the group doesn't get it, so they get dragged to City Hall. The Receptionist welcomes them to Ōto and asks them for their names. Fay asks if they can use aliases and the girl says that they can. Fay scribbles something on a piece of paper, and Syaoran freaks out at what he put. The girl then asks what work they will do. Fay asks if they have to work, and the girl answers if they don't work they will not get any money. Fay complies, and the girl finds a place to recommend for them to stay. Syaoran asks what the currency is, and the girl answers that it's Yen. Fay asks Syaoran if they have any of that, and Syaoran says no. The girl says that they can exchange something for money, and Fay yells for "Kuro-woof-woof" to bring the bag. Kurogane gets mad and tells him not to talk to him like he's some kind of dog. Later that night in the place they bought with the money they got from exchanging the clothing from Koryo Country and Jade Country, Mokona tells Syaoran that it is very slight but there is a feather in the Country of Ōto. At that moment a giant black creature crashes through the window. Fay comments cheerfully that they just moved in and they already have guests. The monster slashes at Syaoran, cutting his right arm. Syaoran reacts by kicking the creature brutally, causing it to dissolve. The group starts thinking that this world may look perfect but it's actually really dangerous. The next day they go to City Hall, and the receptionist tells them that she has their reward for killing an "Oni." Fay asks how she knew they did, and the girl answers that the City Hall keeps track of all the Onis' movements. Syaoran asks about what part the Oni play in this country, and the girl answers that they are the enemy of Ōto, and must be defeated. She explains that Oni only appear at night, the Full moon makes them stronger, and they don't attack normal citizens, only the specialized Oni Hunters. The Oni Hunters make their money by defeating Oni, they can make more by defeating a higher ranking Oni and killing more at one time. The girl explains that they defeated a Ha-5 Oni, and that they could easily become Oni Hunters. Fay asks if the job is the fastest to make money, and the girl says yes. The Job is also very good for getting information. Syaoran says that he'll do it to see if he can find information about Sakura's feather. The girl asks Syaoran who his partner will be, Fay says that "Kuro-sama" will do it. The girl asks what Fay will do for a living, and Fay asks if there is a job where he can relax and pick up information at the same time. The girl answers that there is, and Fay takes it without even figuring out what it is. Fay and Syaoran head back to their place and tell Kurogane about the Oni hunting job. Kurogane says that he agrees, but asks if Syaoran is okay with it. Kurogane walks up to Syaoran and pulls his hair back from his eye, "And you are blind in your right eye." Fay gives a shocked expression while Kurogane goes on, the first time he ever saw Syaoran in action was with the Kudan from the Hanshin Republic, it didn't matter if he could see or not because he controlled it with his spirit. The next time was in Koryo, the Ryanban's son had grabbed the Princess's arm, but Syaoran didn't react as if he hadn't seen it. If Syaoran had left him alone the man would have probably used his whip on Sakura. It was because Syaoran was blind that he reacted with brutal intensity. Then there was the attack last night, there was one moment where Syaoran reacted late on his right side, and if the Oni had been any stronger Syaoran wouldn't have gotten away with just a cut. Syaoran pleads with Kurogane that he'll try not to be a burden to him. Fay encourages Kurogane to say yes, and Syaoran thanks him. Syaoran gives a happy glance to the sleeping Sakura, remembering something from when he was little. He had burned his right hand while tending a fire because he can't judge distances, and when Fujitaka asked Syaoran about it every time he just said that he was sorry. A young Sakura dashes in, and welcomes Syaoran home. She asks what happened to his hand and Syaoran answers that he burned himself. Syaoran continues by says that there are people like him all over, that can't judge distances. Sakura tells him that if she is with him she can warn him before something happens. Syaoran says he is sorry again, and Sakura asks why he is apologizing. Syaoran answers that it's because she has a worry on her face. Sakura asks if it's bad for people worry, and Syaoran shakes his head. Sakura whispers in his ear that instead of saying he's sorry to his father that he can say this... When Fujitaka comes in with some snacks and tells Syaoran to be careful with his bandaged hand, Syaoran says thank you instead of "I'm sorry." Fujitaka is surprised for a moment and then hugs a surprised Syaoran. Sakura smiles at him happily. Syaoran finishes remembering. Sakura wakes up to everyone changed into their Ōto clothing and the smell of tea. Fay explains to her, that they used the money from defeating the Oni to repair the damage and buy themselves clothing. Fay however has no idea what Kurogane is wearing, and Kurogane answers that it's a hakama, something similar to what people wore in his home country. Fay is wearing a cafe uniform. Mokona says that it'll work with Fay in the Cafe. Fay asks Sakura if she'll work with him, and she says that she will. Fay tells Mokona that any good cafe should have a pretty waitress. Sakura comes out in the waitress dress and Syaoran is too awestruck to say anything. Sakura asks him if he'll be working with them, but Syaoran tells her that he'll be working with Kurogane. Sakura tells him not to get hurt. Syaoran nods, remembering the memory. Mokona's eyes go big and it spits out a plate with food on it. Fay asks what it is, and Mokona tells them that it's from Yuuko. Kurogane gets mad saying that Yuuko never gives anything away. Mokona explains that it's Fondant Au Chocolat and you eat it hot. Kurogane complains that he doesn't want any, but Fay shoves some in his mouth. Kurogane gets mad, and Mokona exclaims that it has to tell Yuuko about it. Later that night Syaoran and Kurogane are out looking for Oni, and sure enough several appear. Syaoran starts attacking with kicks, and Kurogane asks if he does that since he's blind. Syaoran answers yes, it's because he can't judge distances that throws off his punches. If he kicks he's better likely to hit his target. Kurogane asks if it's his own style, and Syaoran answers no, and that someone taught him when he was a child. Kurogane becomes surrounded by Oni, but unsheathes a cheap sword to finish them off. A girl's voice get's mad and those Oni were supposed to theirs, her, a man, and a dog. The girl comes over and introduces herself as Yuzuriha Nekoi, fourteen years old and an Oni Hunter. Her partner is Shiyu Kusanagi. Yuzuriha commends them on ther swordplay and kicking techniques. She asks if they are the new hunters named... Kurogane gets enraged at Fay when they get home. Fay explains that he didn't know the writing system for this country so he made Kurogane "Big Puppy", Syaoran "Little Puppy", Himself "Big Kitty", and Sakura is "Little Kitty." He also says that since he and Sakura are the kittys the cat is the symbol for their cafe. Kurogane starts chasing Fay with his sword, while Kusanagi-san and Yuzuriha-chan enter the cafe. Yuzuriha-chan tells "Little Puppy-san" what a pretty house they have. Kusanagi-san comments on the nice smell coming from the kitchen, and Fay explains that it's a chocolate cake they are experimenting with. They planned on opening up shop tomorrow but they could have some now if they wanted to. Yuzuriha-chan exclaims that it's delicious. Kusanagi-san comments that they'll have to tell all the Oni Hunters that a really good cafe just opened up. Yuzuriha-chan asks Sakura when they got to Ōto, and Sakura answers that they got there yesterday. Fay asks her if she could explain the levels of the Oni. Yuzuriha-chan gets up and says that the strongest Oni are "I" rank, and in descending ranks are "Ro", "Ha", "Ni", "Ho", "Te", and "To". And in each rank are five sub-ranks. For example a "Ho-1" would be the strongest of the Ho rank, and a "Ho-5" would be the weakest. Syaoran asks if that means that the "I-1" Oni is the strongest there is, and Yuzuriha-chan answers that he's got it, and it's every Oni Hunter's dream to defeat a "I-1" Oni. Fay comments that the "Ha-5" Oni they defeated yesterday was a little above average. Kusanagi-san says that that's odd, only Oni of the rank "Ro" and above attack houses. Yuzuriha-chan's dog sniffs the air, and that tells his team that there are Oni near by. The team asks what the bill is, but Fay says it's on the house as long as they tell everyone about them. After they leave Syaoran asks Mokona if it can still sense the feather. Mokona answers that it's still too weak to pinpoint, but Syaoran tells Mokona that they'll just have to work hard to find it. Later that night when Syaoran is in his room by himself Sakura comes in and apologizes. Syaoran doesn't understand. Sakura goes on by when she woke up in the Hanshin Republic, she asks why Syaoran was collecting memories for a complete stranger. Sakura says that they aren't complete strangers, because he's done so much for her. Sakura asks him about when they first met, and if they could have possibly known each other since they were really little, was he an important person to her? Unfortunately Sakura is hit by something, and the memory of their conversation is wiped away. Kurogane, who is standing right outside the doorway with Fay, asks what just happened. Fay answers solemnly that a Fair price is nothing to be trifled with. Even if Sakura herself remembered Syaoran, that information would quickly disappear. Fay goes on by saying that Syaoran probably already knew that this would happen, a price once paid cannot be returned. Sakura mumbles to Syaoran that once she gets all her memories back she'll surely remember him, and falls asleep. Syaoran says quietly that even though she'll never remember him, he'll make sure to get her memories back.